Why you can trust us with your rental property

Regular Deep Cleaning and Inspections

Our guests expect perfection when it comes to our short-term rentals! We have a very thorough cleaning done after each stay and regular lawn maintenance to keep the property in tip-top shape for our guests! Our properties are also inspected during cleaning to make sure the property stays in perfect condition at all times!

Fully Insured

We guarantee that we will carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in commercial insurance on each property! We vet our guests so thoroughly that we will most likely never use this policy but we still have it just in case. We are happy to provide our landlords with a copy of the policy for their records.

Guest Vetted Guarantee

All of our guests are vetted and approved before we accept their stay at our short-term rentals. We also keep high communication with our guests so that if any problems arise with the property we can respond and act quickly.

Property Upkeep

Matt, co-owner of Midwest REI is a licensed general contractor and has been in the business for over 20 years. He is highly skilled to fix wear and tear problems that might arise during our lease. If allowed, Matt can fix any issues that come up with the property and/or minor wear and tear, creating a more hassle-free property!

Better Lease Options

We are open to discussing pricing and lease terms that work best for you! There is a potential that we would be a long term renter and could potentially pay you more in rent, with less hassle of a typical renter!

We’re Ready to Sign

Matt & Nick

Midwest REI Owners

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